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The Benefits of Growers Selling at Local Markets

Local markets in and around Sydney abound; a great way for growers to sell their produce and earn income from their crop.  There are also many other benefits to buying and selling at these types of stalls, some of which may be surprising to you.

Keeping it Local – Shop at Local Markets

One benefit is that you keep your local economy strong and healthy when you support small local businesses.  When you buy or sell at local markets, you are supporting local families and their means of income.  Re-seller businesses that get items from other suppliers however are supporting other areas, some large companies may also be getting items from overseas, including produce.  They may ship in items grown from foreign countries because they’re cheaper and mass produced, which means your dollars are going to support areas far from home.

Supporting local businesses is also better for the environment. Reducing food miles and the distance products have travelled reduces the amount of petrol being used for their transportation.  The longer the distance is, the more fossil fuel being burned just to get items to stores and food to your tables.  You may not make the connection on a daily basis between the food you eat and items you have in your home with the impact it may have on the purchasing environment, but as consumers we need to make responsible choices and educated purchasing decisions.

Keeping it Healthy – Fresh is Best

Do you know how large farms grow their crops and what’s involved with raising cattle and other animals?  These farms often use harsh pesticides and hormones and additives to increase yield and ensure they produce a certain amount every single year.  The additives and chemicals can affect your health and the health of your children; they also seep into groundwater and affect the soil for many growing seasons, and perhaps even generations to come.  Local growers selling at local markets usually have much healthier means of growing their produce and rarely do they use these very harsh, harmful chemicals.  They may practice organic farming and also use methods that preserve the environment and maintain biodiversity such as rotating crops or composting to add nutrients back to the ground.

Locally grown items are also fresher and need less packaging, refrigeration, or other means of preservation.  More importantly fresh fruit and vegetables are filled with vitamins and minerals which are needed to build strong, healthy cells in the body. Processed food however strips them of essential nutrition and is filled with salt and other additives for preservation.

When making your next fresh food purchase consider the benefits of buying from a local producer compared with large retailers. Your purchasing choices can impact both your health and the environment.

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