Markets in Sydney

Why Shop the Market Stalls in Sydney?

How much fun do you have when you go shopping?  Some enjoy it but others get tired of seeing the same items over and over again at their local retailers.  When buying produce and fresh foods, a person might also question the methods used by growers and farmers.  Harsh chemicals and pesticides are not healthy for the family or for the environment. The distance produce has travelled before reaching the household is also important to consider. Lengthy transportation means more fuel, more pollution and more ‘food miles.

When you’re ready to enjoy your shopping experience once again and to make healthier choices for your family, you’re ready to shop local markets and stalls.  There are many advantages to this; consider a few of those here.

Local Means Local

By supporting local markets in Rozelle, Bondi, Glebe and other such areas, you’re supporting those local families and economies.  When you purchase items at a large retailer however, you’re buying goods that have been manufactured and brought in from many other areas, and your dollars go to support areas far from home.

Purchasing from local farmers, growers and artisans keeps your buying power right in your own local neighbourhood, and you know you’re supporting businesses in your own neighbourhood.

Markets offer Variety

Buying at local market stalls means you never know what you’re going to find each week. Stallholders are booked casually resulting in great variety of products on market day. The affordable rent also encourages new businesses to start out at the markets and trial their products to a new audience.

Whether it’s boutique children’s wear from Sydney Boutique Market, emerging fashion designers from Paddington, home baked goods, organic skin products or art from The Rocks Markets, you will not find a better selection or variety anywhere. Each market brings new stallholders, new designs, fresh seasonal goods and even more variety for you.

Local Markets offer Savings

Because market stalls are so much less expensive to rent than standard retail stores, this allows sellers to pass that savings onto you, the customer.  You may be surprised at how much more affordable those items are that you see at a market versus your standard retailer.

Choosing locally grown produce and gourmet food is also less expensive as local producers are not paying for shipping and freight from other locales. Their overheads are also low as many most are small businesses or sole traders with little or no staffing costs.

When you consider the cost savings as well as the variety and the benefits of shopping locally at market stalls rather than standard retailers, you better understand why this is the best choice to make for you and your family.

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