Markets in NSW

Best Produce Markets in NSW

Farmers markets can be found throughout NSW. They offer local growers a cost-efficient opportunity to easily sell their wares and the flexibility to choose which day they trade, which may better suit their business and stock levels. For the individual or family shopper this means they are receiving the freshest of local and seasonal produce and supporting local business.

The increasing number of produce markets and farmers markets in Sydney and NSW is indicative of the growing awareness of shoppers as to the importance of purchasing locally grown produce.  Not only is it fresher, tastier and filled with nutrients; purchasing from local growers reduces the distance goods travel before reaching the household. Lower food miles means less freight forwarding and less pollution omitted from lengthy transportation.

Local farmers and growers can be found at markets throughout NSW, from the Central Coast to the Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands.

Handmade Markets in NSW

Markets have always been a great place to find uniquely designed and one-off handcrafted pieces. Iconic Sydney markets such as Paddington markets and The Rocks markets have in the past been home to many a famous designer. They are a great place to discover emerging artisans and to purchase quality locally produced goods at affordable prices. Part of the experience is talking directly with the stallholders who may specialise in everything from glass and ceramics and other arts and craft to fashion design and children’s products . If you are looking for something in particular you may even be able to have it made to order.

Shopping at local markets in New South Wales supports the growth of small business and is a great day out with family and friends. It is also a lovely introduction to communities in different areas.

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