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There are bagels and then there are the real deal ‘New York’ style bagels! Local Market Guide chatted with Alex from The Bagel Shop who has recently hit the Sydney market scene with their delicious savoury and sweet bagels.Bagelsassorted

Why Bagels, what was the inspiration?

I love bagels! Having grown up in the States on the East Coast, bagels have always been a part of our family cuisine. I moved out to Australia and realised that no one was producing the traditional style bagel that are boiled and then baked. I decided to move back to New York to learn the art of bagel making with the view to setting up my own business. Together with the knowledge and experience, I brought back a secret recipe to get me up and running.

Tell me about the Bagel making process

A bagel can take 24 to 48 hours to make. Firstly the dough needs to be left to rise. Once it is shaped, it is boiled for a few minutes and then baked. Many bakers imitate the process by steaming the bagels, whilst others simply shape the dough into the signature circle. It is the boiling process which differentiates between a good tasting bagel or not.

BagelsgirlsWhat does the boiling actually do?

The boiling process changes the texture, setting the crust and creating the shiny surface once baked. Setting the crust means the dough doesn’t rise as much and thus creating a slightly denser interior.

Tell me about The Bagel Shop range

We offer both sweet and savoury bagels. Our most popular would have to be the ‘Everything Bagel’ covered with lots of healthy seeds and onion topping. You can also buy bagels with poppyseed, sesame, sunflower, cheese, cinnamon & raison and blueberry is very popular too!

Bagels are also delicious with our cream cheese smears which include spring onion & chive, jalapeno cheddar and honey & walnut amongst others.

What’s the big picture?
We are loving the markets, so looking to continuing growing that together with our catering service. We are also working on an organic range and expanding our distribution into local retailers.Baglesandwichv2

The Bagel Shop can be found at the following markets:

Bondi Junction Village Markets – Every Wednesday
Bondi Farmers Market – Every Saturday
Kings Cross Organic Food Markets – Every Saturday

The Bagel Shop
Email: [email protected]
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