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Berrima Schoolyard Market

Day of the Week:
4th Sunday of the Month (Held on 13th in Dec)
Opening Times:
9am to 2pm
Berrima Public School, Oxley Road
Phone: 0414 670 815

Little did the shackled convicts labouring on the Old Well at Berrima School realise the significance of such a worthy edifice.

Today the Well is a conduit for big market ideas, intriguing stalls, old and new wares, fresh produce and a vibrant buzz of people. Just like the Old Well that irrigated the township, so flows the energy from new management that will whet your appetite to come back for more!

Our school proudly participates in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen & Garden Program and our super ‘Kitchen Cafe’ will be open to delight, serving delicious coffee and cakes, with more to come. It is a place we all love to share.

You can also leave the kids at the Lego workshop or let them play in the Jumping Castle while you explore our fabulous, diverse stalls!

Be a part of traditional good quality boutiques, plus many new and exciting stalls that make Berrima a great Sunday treat.

Entry is FREE and plenty of parking is available roadside and on the schools field.


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