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The Entrance Organic Food Market

Day of the Week:
Every Saturday
Opening Times:
9am to 2pm
Memorial Park, Marine Park
The Entrance, NSW
Phone: 02 9999 2226
Instagram: Organic Food Market

Fresh farm produce, gourmet food, artisan gifts and homewares. The perfect way to start your weekend, thanks to Organic Food Markets.

Organic Food Markets are a collection of markets in Sydney and in Newcastle, offering local residents everything from certified organic produce to conventional fresh food, gourmet treats, flowers and fashion.

Each of the markets has its own unique personality and atmosphere. Marrickville for example is very alternative, vintage and has a strong artistic feel, with recycling being very important, and often exciting new artists of all kinds are displaying their work. Orange Grove is cosmopolitan, full of food and designer cloths. Frenchs Forest is more organic, relaxed and full of people going to or from the beach.

Organic Food Markets have been operating for over 15 years.

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