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Spotlight on Blacktown Markets

Blacktown Markets are an institution, operating since 1994. Open every Sunday, they are located in the grounds of the historic Skyline Drive-In theatre, the last surviving drive-in in the Greater Sydney Area. Blacktown17.2v2

Just 30 minutes west of the Sydney CBD on a Sunday, Blacktown Markets offer fun for the whole family. For the last 30 years, they have been attracting people from all over Sydney. If you like your markets vibrant, friendly and unique, with delicious food on offer, this is the place to be.

What’s on offer?

Blacktown Markets are held every Sunday and are a feast.

*Stalls: Here you will find almost 240 stalls offering everything you could wish for, including, collectables, vintage and retro treasures and bric-a-brac, fashion, toys, plants, hardware, books, and handyman tools. Another reason people come here is for the food, both produce and hot food stalls. Taste for yourself the incredible range of different food on offer, there are Dutch delicacies, Cook Island dishes and donuts, Malaysian street food, Cambodian cooking, essential Italian coffee and plenty more.

*Atmosphere and entertainment: This is a place to bring the whole family, with different types of entertainment each week, maybe a jumping castle, or vintage pinball machines. They have even had comedy wrestling. Their promise is to always have something new on offer, to keep it interesting and fresh for everyone. You can even bring along your dog to enjoy the fun.

BLacktown17.3v2Popular stalls

The most popular stalls, certainly when the markets first open and people rush in, are the “garage sales” also known as flea markets or car boot sales. These are casual stalls offering serious bargains. These stalls are so popular, that some people come to Blacktown Markets for the biggest and best garage sale in Sydney, rather than combing their local streets.

There are so many other popular and unique stalls here, such as The Beard Mantra, selling a wide range of beard oils. Te Kina Wahine sells delicious Maori honey. There are stalls dedicated to collectables, such as Matchbox cars, both new and vintage.

Your mouth will be watering when you smell the hot food on offer. Here are just a few:

*Nhem and Co. offer incredible Cambodian cuisine;
*Master Sticks for Malaysian street food that is authentic and delicious;
*Sir BBQ sell amazing pork sliders with a vast range of different sauces;
*Dog Daze for the perfect Sunday burger;
*Panino Espresso for your essential caffeine hit and tasty Italian food; and
*take home treats from Tee-Lish Brownies—the best brownies in a wide range of flavours. These take-home trays always sell out. So too do the boxes of donuts from QuinkyDink Fresh Cream Donuts.

What has changed over the years? Blacktown17.1v2

Over the last thirty years, Blacktown Markets have been getting a lot bigger and busier. An incredible 4,000 to 4,500 people come to these markets each Sunday. They now have almost 240 stallholders, half permanent and the other half casual. This mix of stalls makes for an ever changing market that is as popular as ever.

So you want to host a stall?

Blacktown Markets let you begin as a casual stallholder and you can work only the Sundays you choose. If you are after a permanent stall, there are many reasons to come here. Aside from the popularity of the markets, letting you have access to thousands of shoppers without a storefront, there are no waiting lists, no contracts, set up fees or leases, just apply.

Blacktown17.4v2See their website for more information on becoming a casual stall holder or permanent stall holder.

Where and when?

Blacktown Markets are held every Sunday, from 7am-2pm, at the historic Skyline Drive In. For more details, see their Facebook page or website.


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