Taking­ place­ as­ part­ of­ 2018's­ National­ Youth ­Week,­ Art­ Meets­ West­ will­ showcase ­a ­range­ of Western ­Sydney's­ best­ artists­ in­ a­ classic­ arts-market­ stall,­ with­ accompanying ­live­ music­ by ­local ­talent, various art programs and workshops, and a vibrant­ selection­ of­ amazing­ food, including a specialised menu from the Bellbird.­ Art Meets West

From­ striking­ animation­ art­ and­ iconic­ pottery­ to­ stylish,­ new­ threads,­ Art­ Meets ­West offers ­an ­eclectic­ collection ­of­ products­ available­ for­ purchase­ and­ an­ entertaining­ day­ to­ remember.­ An­ all­ ages­ event, ­Art­ Meets­ West ­is ­bound ­to resonate­ with­ anyone­ that­ loves­ art,­ music­ and­ Western ­­Sydney,




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