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Ferment your own Vegetables

Fermenting is an age old process long associated with preserving food. Today it is also celebrated for the incredible health benefits it provides.

Fermented raw vegetables are packed with enzymes which help to promote intestinal flora and assist in breaking down food in the stomach, ensuring the body absorbs the nutrients it requires. A healthy gut means better digestion and a healthier body all round.

Fermenting Vegetables
Local Market Guide recently had the pleasure of working alongside Ferment it – an all Australian organic, fermented local Sydney food business, learning how to ferment your own vegetables at home. Sure it sounds like a project for the ‘too hard basket’, but it is very simple and cost effective and the best part is that once the vegetables are in the sealed vessel, you don’t need to touch it for weeks. Fermentit1v2

Each time you ferment your vegetables you will be left with a liquid which is very sour in taste and rich in probiotics. Also known as a kavass this can be drunk (it’s very good for you but an acquired taste) or it can be used in subsequent ferments (ensure to refrigerate). Similar to a starter, the active ingredients will help to speed up the process and add to the flavour of your fermented vegetables.

A few Tips..
*Most types of vegetables can be used, so have fun experimenting with flavours including spices and herbs. Fruits ferment well too
*Ensure the vegetables always remain submerged in liquid. It helps to weight down the produce with a heavier item such as a jar of water
*Make sure the vessel is air tight and ideally has a water lock to let out the gases. Fermentation is only finished when the out gassing has been completed (generally 21-30 days)
*Don’t be afraid to taste the liquid during the ferment. You will notice it getting increasingly sour over time due to the lactic acid

Where can you buy the Fermenting Kits?
Fermenter kits
including step by step instructions are available from Ferment it both online and at their various Sydney market stalls: Eveleigh Farmers Market / Ramsgate Organic Foodies Market / Frenchs Forest Organic Food Market / The Beaches Market / Foragers Market.Fermentit3v2

Ferment it also sell Starter Packs which are an easy option for flavouring your chosen vegetables including: Kimchi, Beetroot Apple & Inca Berry & Sauerkraut.

We’d love to see you in action so don’t forget to share your pics on social media. #localmarketguide

Good luck!


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